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Why post when you can comment? (and the 2nd installment of a Little Brit Different)

I should totally just copy what I write in people’s comments and put them here as a post.  I’m way wittier and I do it more often.  I really am working on getting my life in order.  It seems like this month has just been a total wash.  But new month tomorrow, right?  The Rocket Scientist’s birthday is coming up and I’m looking forward to maybe even having a babysitter so we can have a meal by ourselves for once celebrate in style.  More on that to come.

And now, for something…

I saw this the other day at the grocery store and I wish I’d stopped to take a picture, but I fear I was gawping a little too long to long and the lady had gone into the store.  Apparently it’s not such a big deal to have an infant in the front seat of a vehicle here.  And it’s not like this was only a 2-seater, there was more than enough room in the back to put the carseat.  And it’s not like this was an older child, this was an infant in a rear-facing carry seat thingy.  And it’s not like this was an older car with no airbag up front, it was a swank, new model, silver BMW.  I really hope my jaw didn’t make too loud a noise as it hit the ground.
*Okay, so I just looked up UK child seat law and apparently it is actually illegal to put a rear-facing child seat in the front IF there is an active airbag.  Who knows, maybe she can turn hers off, or maybe she’s just wildly mis-informed.  But on another interesting note, with the exception of rear-facing, it is totally legal to put a child in any other kind of seat in the front as long as they’re properly restrained.  (For non-North-Americans or childless folks, you can’t put a child in the front seat until they’re 12 years old or a certain height/weight in North America)
**Please don’t think I’m saying that people on this side of the pond are all heartless people putting their children in mortal danger (although in the case of a rear-facing child seat in a possible air-bag zone I’m tempted), I actually find it refreshing to be in a place with significantly less paranoia fear caution.  And I have to say, given a drive through the country with just Doodle and I, I would be tempted to move him to the front seat so I can interact with him more and perhaps be able to give him food and/or drink without completely dislocating my shoulder and trying to watch the road and child behind me at the same time, which, come to think of it, is likely the most dangerous bit right there.

And now for something…A little Brit different

Okay, I am going to be totally upfront and say that I did not think of that terribly witty turn of phrase on my own. We are big Doctor Who fans in this house and made sure that every cable package we had back in the States included BBC America. I don’t know if they said that before every program (that would have gotten old really fast), but they did say it before Doctor Who and/or Torchwood and it would always bring with it a little twinge of excitement because it meant we were getting our ‘fix’.

I am now completely unashamedly stealing that phrase for my own blogging purposes. I think I’m pretty safe in this. But if I get several hundred more followers, I may have to change the name as a preemptive strike against litigation. (I have always wanted to idly fit that into conversation).

So without further ado, here is my first installment of:

Everyone asks, “How do you find driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road?” Honestly, you get used to it. For one thing, you’re expecting it. You know, coming here, that you’re going to be driving on a different side, getting in the other side of the car, trying to remember which direction to look when you cross the street. You’re prepared so it doesn’t take too long to make the adjustment. It’s the little things that no one ever tells you about, that you’re totally unprepared for, that go a long way towards making you aware of the fact that common language or no, you are in a foreign country.

So here’s on thing I noticed that is different on this side of the pond. Light switches go in the opposite direction. In North America, you click the light switch up to turn it on and down for off. Here it’s down to turn it on and up to turn it off. I know, right? Who would think to warn you about stuff like that? I would. That’s right, I got your back.

By the way, my inspiration for starting this is Brit Gal in the USA and her Brit Word of the Day.

A new look

I finally got around to putting a new look on my blog.  I spent entirely too much time pouring over designs and other stuff on thecutestblogontheblock. When I likely should have been working on updating my pictures on my website.  Oh well, I’ll get there.  For now, I’m very pleased that I have a nice new page to look at (I also updated the look of my website, I’m on fire!).

Doodle’s sleep is all messed up today because he decided to get up at 5:30 this morning.  We are not amused.  But it means that while he should have just started his afternoon nap, He’s been down for a while now and I can hear him working on waking up.  Poop.  I can’t wait to get the Rocket Scientist a bike this weekend so it will take him 10 minutes to get home at night instead of 40.  He thinks that means he can stay later at work, little does he know.   So a quick blog for the day.

Some odd things we’ve noticed…

“What’s for tea?”  Actually translates as, “What’s for supper?”  Huh, who knew.  I’m glad I found that out before I invited someone ’round for tea.  If you want to offer them an actual beverage of tea, you offer them a cuppa.  It made for some very confusing commercials on tv until I figured it out.

In this house, at any rate, you have to turn on your power outlets.

Apparently, it is fully recognized in this country that vehicles are much bigger, faster, and can do more damage than people, so they have the right of way.  And in some of the more touristy areas, they actually write on the street that you’re about to step into which direction to look for traffic.

To ensure that you don’t run out of hot water for your shower, it is equipped with an electric shower.  That is to say, it takes the cold water and heats it as it’s coming out of the shower head.  The Rocket Scientist was very excited about the prospect of long showers until he found out that the bathroom is much too cold for him to be naked and wet in there for any significant length of time.  (Sorry for the TMI)

That’s all for now.  I want to get back to my pictures.  I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and realizing that I have been far too selfish in not sharing pictures of my wonderful little man.  So here’s a quick teaser, more to come later: