Letters to RS – 1

Dearest Love,

I know in my email I said I wasn’t going to write tonight but as I was getting into bed I remembered something cool.  I was working on waving with ZuZu at lunch today.  I still feel bad that it took Aunt S to teach Doodle to wave, it just never occurred to me.  Apparently it didn’t this time either because even with it falling to Aunt S, Doodle could still wave by now.  So we were trying to wave at lunch, she was having fun just cause we were all talking to her, Doodle included.  But then tonight as we were getting ready for bed, she had crawled out to the hall and was standing by the stairs looking down through the bars, casually holding on with only one hand, when Doodle peaks around the door and says, “hello, ZuZu”. And she grins at him all pleased with herself and waves at him!  Yay!  So that’s my tidbit for today.

Love, me


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