Letters to the Rocket Scientist

I think I’ve mentioned that the Rocket Scientist isn’t really a rocket scientist, it’s just an inside joke.  There was supposed to be a link there to the post where I talk about that, but I can’t really remember where it is and I’m too tired lazy busy to go look for it.  Anyway, he’s really not.  He works on one of the experiments that runs out of Fermi National Lab outside of Chicago.  It turns out they think of him rather highly over there and want him to be an onsite supervisor for the next year.  Slight hitch. With our visa restrictions we can’t be out of the country for more than 90 days at a time and we must maintain a permanent residence here.  Translation? He’s going, we’re staying. 90 days gone, 2 weeks back.  At least that’s the idea.  currently, we’re on a trial month to see if the back and forth is doable.  Jury is still out, but it will likely go ahead.  We’ll talk more later on how I feel about that, it may surprise you.  Or it may not, whatever, we’re taking bets.

During my Mumsy’s surprise visit, she gave me a beautiful embossed leather journal and I thought it would be the perfect way to keep track of all the little daily foibles that I want to share with the Rocket Scientist.  Trouble is, I keep forgetting what I’ve told him and what I’ve written.  It’s all very confusing.  So every now and then you will get inundated with posts as I transfer some of them to my blog.  If you see one that’s private, that’s because it’s private.

And of course if you don’t particularly care about all the boring bits, feel free to skip them, they’ll be labelled Letters. Then again, it’s not like I’m writing anything else these days.


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