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Letters to RS – 3

Dearest Love,

Between emails and facebook and skype, by the time I get to this, I have no idea what I’ve said and haven’t said.  But I’ll just try to make note of the salient points of the day…for posterity’s sake? And I’ll try to do it at not 10:30 as my primary goal is hurry up and sleep at this point.

Mumsy left today.  That was hard, it made this all very real.  And looking at a calendar was bad.  We’ve still 4 weeks to go, less a day.  Right now, that day doesn’t make enough of a difference.

I hate neighborhood cats and I hate the ice cream truck.  Just sayin’.

I was trying to explain to Doodle that it’s okay to be sad when we got home from the airport, telling that I was sad, too because Grammie is my Mummy and I miss her when she’s not here and how when we’re sad it’s nice to get hugs and cuddles from people around us who love us so we can feel better.  He turned around and said, “Can I give you a cuddle, Mummy? Does that make you feel better?”.  And then he let me give him a cuddle, too.  I am happy he was able to take comfort this time.

ZuZu is fearless.  Did not matter how many times she slipped in the bath or took great mouthfuls of water, she still kept trying to crawl up the back of the tub and kept a big cheesy grin through it all.  Good grief! What are we going to do once she’s running?

I am really looking forward to Blenheim Palace tomorrow.  I wanted to do this last year but I was in a wheelchair and I think I wasn’t sure how your parents would do.  Once the kids are older, I’ll want to do something more Christ centered but this year won’t really have any meaning either way, it’ll just be a fun day out.  I even got some extra eggs and a decorating kit for Doodle since he seems to be enjoying art and projects these days.

But I must get some sleep tonight. More than mead.

Love, me


Letters to RS – 2

Dearest Love,

This will be easier when I don’t have someone to talk to after the kids go down.  Not because I say it to Mumsy, I don’t, I have all manner of thoughts in my head, I just have trouble focusing with someone else in the room and by the time I get upstairs, I’m wiped and just want to go to sleep.

But my thought for the evening: Doodle has had someone to wake up downstairs for almost a month now.  While I’m looking forward to getting my house back, I’m feeling bad for the little man that he’s going to have to downgrade to only attention from me for a while.  My dear sweet boy.  Will I be enough for him?  Even for this short time?  It’s after midnight, time to sleep.

Love, me

Letters to RS – 1

Dearest Love,

I know in my email I said I wasn’t going to write tonight but as I was getting into bed I remembered something cool.  I was working on waving with ZuZu at lunch today.  I still feel bad that it took Aunt S to teach Doodle to wave, it just never occurred to me.  Apparently it didn’t this time either because even with it falling to Aunt S, Doodle could still wave by now.  So we were trying to wave at lunch, she was having fun just cause we were all talking to her, Doodle included.  But then tonight as we were getting ready for bed, she had crawled out to the hall and was standing by the stairs looking down through the bars, casually holding on with only one hand, when Doodle peaks around the door and says, “hello, ZuZu”. And she grins at him all pleased with herself and waves at him!  Yay!  So that’s my tidbit for today.

Love, me

Letters to the Rocket Scientist

I think I’ve mentioned that the Rocket Scientist isn’t really a rocket scientist, it’s just an inside joke.  There was supposed to be a link there to the post where I talk about that, but I can’t really remember where it is and I’m too tired lazy busy to go look for it.  Anyway, he’s really not.  He works on one of the experiments that runs out of Fermi National Lab outside of Chicago.  It turns out they think of him rather highly over there and want him to be an onsite supervisor for the next year.  Slight hitch. With our visa restrictions we can’t be out of the country for more than 90 days at a time and we must maintain a permanent residence here.  Translation? He’s going, we’re staying. 90 days gone, 2 weeks back.  At least that’s the idea.  currently, we’re on a trial month to see if the back and forth is doable.  Jury is still out, but it will likely go ahead.  We’ll talk more later on how I feel about that, it may surprise you.  Or it may not, whatever, we’re taking bets.

During my Mumsy’s surprise visit, she gave me a beautiful embossed leather journal and I thought it would be the perfect way to keep track of all the little daily foibles that I want to share with the Rocket Scientist.  Trouble is, I keep forgetting what I’ve told him and what I’ve written.  It’s all very confusing.  So every now and then you will get inundated with posts as I transfer some of them to my blog.  If you see one that’s private, that’s because it’s private.

And of course if you don’t particularly care about all the boring bits, feel free to skip them, they’ll be labelled Letters. Then again, it’s not like I’m writing anything else these days.

My 100th Post!…took me long enough

How fitting. My baby turns 3!

I’ve been putting off this post for a while, wanting it to be truly worthy of the big 1-0-0.  Which of course simply meant that it took me a ridiculously long time to actually post.  Not because things weren’t good enough to post, but when they were I didn’t have time and when I had time it was all old news.  Well to me.  I know, I suck.

But I digress.

My baby is 3!!!

Okay, my first baby.  I guess I have two now and should clarify.  But I’m pretty sure I haven’t been away that long.

Unfortunately, the Rocket Scientist is away at a conference, but we’re still going to have a fun day and then we’ll have the party in a couple of weeks. We made pancakes this morning, we’re going to the soft play at our local Garden Centre in a bit and have some lunch and then cake and a couple prezzies back home.  This last week, one of my oldest and dearest friends has been visiting us from Canada and I am so glad she is here with us to make it a special day.

And then yesterday, Asher got the most awesome birthday surprise ever.  His Grammie showed up at our door.  To be honest it was a pretty awesome surprise for me, too.  I had no idea.  Both hubby and friend knew and kept it a secret.  I was totally blown away, I had no idea a secret was even being kept.  There’s been a lot going on lately and a lot possibly about to happen and opening up the door to see my Mumsy standing there was too much.  I completely broke down.  Like on reality tv when the sob story family open their eyes and see a mansion where their rundown shack used to be.  I sobbed.  Clung to my tiny mum and sobbed.  I had no idea how much I was holding on to until she showed up.

Asher was pretty stoked to see her, too.  She’s staying at a B&B down the road until my friend leaves on Sunday and Asher’s spent all morning asking where Grammie is and proclaiming loudly and randomly that he loves his Grammie.  She’ll be here soon and then we’ll be off to start his birthday activities so I best get the kids dressed and ready.

Now that I’ve got that 100th post out of the way I can catch you up on all the boring stuff.