Can’t believe my baby girl’s 8 months already!!

No really. This time she really is 8 months. We celebrated by catching her thumb between her highchair tray and tray cover and taking a moment to actually figure out why she was screaming. Good thing it was a see-through tray or it might have taken me longer. Poor little mite.

So what can I say about my brilliant daughter?  She has two teeth, has done since about 4 1/2 months.  She is shimmying around the floor and very close to crawling.  She loves to stand on her own in her crib but is not quite ready to cruise yet.  She talks all the time, sometimes melodiously, sometimes in a screech, and sometimes she sounds a bit like a wookie.  She is in a crib now, sharing a room with her brother and sleeping quite well.  Mostly.  There are nights when she stirs every half hour or so and needs a little shush and her soother back, and then there are nights when the Rocket Scientist and I actually get to watch an entire movie uninterrupted.  She’s eating 3 solid meals a day now.  Nap times are a bit of a crapshoot but that’s not her fault so much as just having to work around the play schedule of a very active brother.

But sadly the focus on this, her 8th month is very much not on her but on her brother.  Doodle is in big boy underpants.  I was fully prepared for a minimum of 3 months to really get it off the ground with any reliability but it seems he was more prepared than I thought.  It’s been a week now and he’s gone the last two days without accidents.  He’s already started keeping his pull-ups dry at nap time and even at night.  I’m speechless.  Even pooping, which I thought would be a couple of weeks before he would be ready tackle, seemed to turn a corner yesterday.  All in all I’m very encouraged.  And very worried about this being a false sense of security, so I’m not quite brave enough to go without the pull-ups at night or the protective coverings of the car seat and buggy and I’ve still packed 2 changes of clothes for our outing today.

And for anyone keeping score, she was actually 8 months 3 days ago.  I really did start this then.


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  1. Congrats on 8 months, but wow, the potty training is DEFINITELY the bigger deal. Aaaah…just wait until your daughter is potty trained, if you don’t have any other kids by then. I was GIDDY when we were DONE with diapers!!

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