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Six Word Saturday

God gave us a car! WooHoo!

No, seriously.  He totally did. And it’s really only 5 words but in keeping with the theme, I thought I’d add a woohoo for good measure.

Let me begin…well, a little earlier.  We got this car:

about 3 months after we moved to the UK for the whopping price of £150.  It was a total blessing from some new friends and has served us well for almost two years.  We had to do a couple of repairs when it came time for the MOT (yearly safety inspections in the UK) and we’ve replaced the tyres (with used ones, but still), we got seat covers as the interior wasn’t fantastic, and it didn’t like starting sometimes when it was too wet, but all in all it was a good little car that never left us stranded. That is, until it didn’t matter anymore.

This year, we were quite worried about the MOT as last year it seemed a mere fraction away from failing structurally. We prayed, asked others to pray, and miracle of miracle’s it passed!  And passed well.  One small replacement part worth £5 plus labour and a couple tyres (I kind of dinged one avoiding a bus a couple of months back), again used.  Woot!

Then I got a phone call from someone telling me that God had told them to buy us a car, and would the Rocket Scientist be free to get off work a bit early that afternoon to go pick it up.

Ummmmmm Wha?!?!

After I stopped crying and picked myself up off the floor, I remembered that unfortunately he had a class to teach so, no.  They ended up going out to see if they could pick it up anyway and came back to say that it wasn’t exactly as advertised and they wouldn’t be buying that car after all.  But soon, they’d find a car soon, hopefully we weren’t too disappointed.  Of course we weren’t.  How could we be?  We were getting a new car!  It had looked like a nice car, it had 5 doors (5!) and it wasn’t red (I have never not owned a red car), but I knew whatever car God had in store would be just perfect.  Secretly I feared that it would, however end up being red.

So, the next day, having put the idea of a new car aside for a couple of weeks (thinking it would likely take at least that long to find something suitable) I was driving a friend of Doodle’s home after they’re sleepover and as I was about to turn a corner…we stopped.  Dead. Right there, with my turning signal on and three kids loudly enjoying each other’s company, my little red colt gave up.  Right.

Let me just say, that the knowledge of a new car just waiting around the corner gave me immeasurable peace through all of it.  Everyone else was completely stressed and feeling bad at how I was stranded with three kids and whatever would we do and oh no!  I on the other hand was fine.  We played ‘count the white cars’ and when no white cars drove by we switched it to ‘count the red cars’ (which I thought was terribly funny) while we waited for the breakdown truck.  Doodle’s friend’s mum didn’t live too far so she came to pick him up.  Meanwhile, Doodle fell asleep so ZuZu and I played pat-a-cake and wind the bobbin up.

We didn’t end up waiting too long fortunately, but it was not something that could be fixed on the roadside and the mechanic figured it would be at least £200 or £300.  Not really worth fixing with a new car coming in the next couple weeks so we just towed it home.

Ok. Side note? They should seriously put driving while being towed with a straight bar behind a breakdown van on the test.  That is seriously trippy.  You can’t see the road or other cars, just the back doors of this van. Moving on.

The Rocket Scientist was  a bit stressed at the thought of not having a car for an indefinite period of time.  How would I get to the gym? How would we get to the cousin’s birthday party coming up? How long would it take him to get to church to set up for his Scramblers class?  We could no longer give our car away because it was dead and wouldn’t make it to its MOT retesting.  All these things.  As for me?  This car was going to die whether certain ‘someones’ had been obedient or not.  But because they were, we didn’t have to worry about costly repairs or finding a new car.  Neither of which we could afford.

The next day I was taking a day in to do laundry and figure out what might need to be reorganized over the next week or so when I got a text.  ‘On the way over with your new car’.  !!!!!  Turns out that a better one had been found.  By far!!  And the timing had been perfect as the car had been advertised for several days and gotten several calls but when it was found just happened to be the only time the seller had to actually show it.  More calls came in while the deal was being made.  Our God is so good.

Because of the obedience of the children of God, our family is now driving this:

It has a spacious interior, leather upholstery, power windows, air conditioning, a CD player, low mileage.  I felt like I was on Oprah being ushered into the driver’s seat, all weepy as I was.  I totally cried again when the boot was opened and I saw all the space.  But the best two features of all?  Back doors.  No more climbing in and out to get car seats and buckles done up!!  And…wait for it…It’s not red!!!!!!

Thank you God and may blessings return to your children a hundred fold!!

PS. if anyone wants a little red Mitsubishi Colt, just needs a new distributor cap/coil/thingy, it’s free for the taking until Monday.  Then the scrappers get it.


Can’t believe my baby girl’s 8 months already!!

No really. This time she really is 8 months. We celebrated by catching her thumb between her highchair tray and tray cover and taking a moment to actually figure out why she was screaming. Good thing it was a see-through tray or it might have taken me longer. Poor little mite.

So what can I say about my brilliant daughter?  She has two teeth, has done since about 4 1/2 months.  She is shimmying around the floor and very close to crawling.  She loves to stand on her own in her crib but is not quite ready to cruise yet.  She talks all the time, sometimes melodiously, sometimes in a screech, and sometimes she sounds a bit like a wookie.  She is in a crib now, sharing a room with her brother and sleeping quite well.  Mostly.  There are nights when she stirs every half hour or so and needs a little shush and her soother back, and then there are nights when the Rocket Scientist and I actually get to watch an entire movie uninterrupted.  She’s eating 3 solid meals a day now.  Nap times are a bit of a crapshoot but that’s not her fault so much as just having to work around the play schedule of a very active brother.

But sadly the focus on this, her 8th month is very much not on her but on her brother.  Doodle is in big boy underpants.  I was fully prepared for a minimum of 3 months to really get it off the ground with any reliability but it seems he was more prepared than I thought.  It’s been a week now and he’s gone the last two days without accidents.  He’s already started keeping his pull-ups dry at nap time and even at night.  I’m speechless.  Even pooping, which I thought would be a couple of weeks before he would be ready tackle, seemed to turn a corner yesterday.  All in all I’m very encouraged.  And very worried about this being a false sense of security, so I’m not quite brave enough to go without the pull-ups at night or the protective coverings of the car seat and buggy and I’ve still packed 2 changes of clothes for our outing today.

And for anyone keeping score, she was actually 8 months 3 days ago.  I really did start this then.

How time flies when you’re having…ummm…

…a whole lotta nothin’.  At least that’s what it feels like sometimes.  I know it’s not.  It’s life.  Day in and day out life.  Sleepless nights, growing children, laundry, cooking, groceries, laundry, sleepless nights, sick kids, laundry, play groups, laundry, sick kids, laundry, bad router, laundry.  Well, you get the idea.  And yet, all the while I am composing blogs in my head, even as I consider every few weeks going offline altogether and just being mum, wife, creative, maybe even organized.  But I never do.  I enjoy being a part of the tidbits of everyone’s life, on blogs, on f@ceb00k.

Three Hours Later…
Ah, and the other reason I have such a hard time putting anything together.  The inability to write anything more than 2 or 3 sentences before being interrupted by a tiny and not so tiny…sorry being called away again.