Monthly Archives: November 2010

Why I get nothing done

This? This is why I get nothing done.


Whew! I’m exhausted!

Okay, so I’m not so exhausted today, but really I have been a lot.  I have been taking part in an exercise study.  I’m out of the house every morning by 7:30 to spend a half hour on a stationary bike and back in time for the Rocket Scientist to get to work.  Then I inhale something for breakfast, bundle up the kiddies and we rush out the door to catch the bus to whichever playgroup is scheduled that morning.  Then we run home, have some lunch, play trains for a bit while ZuZu bounces in her activity chair and then I take Doodle upstairs for his nap.  As soon as both are fed and sleeping I collapse onto the couch and think about blogging or working on my Aunt’s website while drooling in front of the tv and by the time I actually get my limbs to respond to commands once more, ZuZu is wanting to be fed again and Doodle has woken up and it’s time to start thinking about supper and half the time I don’t actually get around to making until the Rocket Scientist is home and has taken over the small ones.  Then it’s time to eat, put the kids to bed, hopefully give at least one of them a bath, and then I get to collapse on the couch again.  This time to drool on my husband while we try to get some quality time in which looks more like watching tv and playing on our iphones while we think of all the things we really should be doing.

I really don’t know how these other moms do it.