The trouble with having an iPhone..

is that I never use my computer anymore. I check my mail, news, facebook, twitter, all on my phone. Now twitter and facebook are alright. Short, pithy comments. It’s like texting. Not too hard. I can easily read all the blogs I follow on the phone, too. But commenting here is not so easy. Not because I have so much to say, but because going through the verification process is such a pain. So I’m sorry that I haven’t been commenting on anyone’s blogs. I have been reading, honest. And I have comments I want to leave. Honest. It’s just…too far. I have become a totally lazy iPhone web surfer. And actually posting a blog myself? Well. Waaaaay too far. The funny thing is, I switched to WordPress so that I could blog from my phone (blogspot has no decent app yet). Ha!

There’s only one thing for it. I need an iPad. I don’t even need a data plan, I’m more than happy to just use it at home or in hotspots. It won’t be as big and bulky as my laptop, but I’ll be able to type on it more like I do with a keyboard thus making comment verification and actual blogging much easier.

There. Problem solved. If you want to see more comments or posts from me, then simply donate to the fund, or pester my Rocket Scientist until he has no choice but to buy his lovely wife an early Christmas present.

Ooh! or an early anniversary present! That’s a whole month and a half before Christmas. Isn’t 6 years technology? (meh, it’s probably soap)


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  1. Hi! I haven’t visited you in so long but really appreciate the visits you’ve made to my blogs. (Just gave you a Writing of the Day award, by the way.) I just subscribed in my reader so that when you do blog, I’ll see it. 🙂

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