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I’m a Winner!!

Okay, so it was a while ago, but still.  I was really hoping I would win this one.  I don’t often respond even though I always check out the prompt.  And this one, I felt needed a shot of reality.  Or at least my reality.  Everyone else’s responses seemed so, cerebral.  I won on August 10th (only just noticed) for the prompt of Books (what would the books on your shelves say if they could talk).  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out CBeth’s fun little daily creativity shot.  I won on this day.

And in other news.  Did I mention I need an iPad?  I think I did.  Did I mention why?  Of course I did.  And for further evidence I submit to you my absence of…12 whole days.  …   Is that all?  It feels like longer.  I was pretty sure I was going to go look and it would be like a month and a half.  It’s very strange, the passage of time.  It seems like it took only a few days for ZuZu to get to ‘almost 3 months’ but it’s taken forever to get from that point to ‘just over 3 months’.  It’s been a very exciting time, though.  Doodle is suddenly talking a blue streak (and to think, before ZuZu came along I was voicing my concerns over his lack of speech to our Health Visitor), I am able to pump and leave the house for short stretches of time, I had to pack away the first batch of ZuZu’s clothes (I will admit there were some tears shed but I won’t tell you whose they were) (okay, they were mine), The Rocket Scientist went off to Chi-town for a collaboration meeting, and Grammie came for a visit.  The Rocket Scientist is back and Grammie is still here (although she is making a short side trip this weekend to Paris to see an old friend).

I have thoroughly enjoyed having my Mum here and it made my dear husband’s absence a bit more bearable.  I love watching my kids enjoy their Grammie so much, I really hope they have as good a relationship with her as I had with mine.  It has been nice to have someone to share in all the screams for attention cries for help whining and fussing hugs and cuddles.

Oh! Other milestones: ZuZu is now rolling over and she graduated from her cocoon in our most awesome Phil & Ted’s pushchair to her own chair.

I’m still waiting for her to laugh.  I can’t wait to hear her sweet little voice laughing.

What’s that?  You can’t see her very well?  Here let me try to fix that for you:


The trouble with having an iPhone..

is that I never use my computer anymore. I check my mail, news, facebook, twitter, all on my phone. Now twitter and facebook are alright. Short, pithy comments. It’s like texting. Not too hard. I can easily read all the blogs I follow on the phone, too. But commenting here is not so easy. Not because I have so much to say, but because going through the verification process is such a pain. So I’m sorry that I haven’t been commenting on anyone’s blogs. I have been reading, honest. And I have comments I want to leave. Honest. It’s just…too far. I have become a totally lazy iPhone web surfer. And actually posting a blog myself? Well. Waaaaay too far. The funny thing is, I switched to WordPress so that I could blog from my phone (blogspot has no decent app yet). Ha!

There’s only one thing for it. I need an iPad. I don’t even need a data plan, I’m more than happy to just use it at home or in hotspots. It won’t be as big and bulky as my laptop, but I’ll be able to type on it more like I do with a keyboard thus making comment verification and actual blogging much easier.

There. Problem solved. If you want to see more comments or posts from me, then simply donate to the fund, or pester my Rocket Scientist until he has no choice but to buy his lovely wife an early Christmas present.

Ooh! or an early anniversary present! That’s a whole month and a half before Christmas. Isn’t 6 years technology? (meh, it’s probably soap)