Let’s try this again

*Please note, these events actually took place last weekend two weeks ago*

Sunday was supposed to be quite nice, high of 21, sunny intervals.  We thought we’d try the jousting again.  I was looking forward to being able to stand up to watch the show and cheer on all the cheesy ham-acting.

It was beautiful, but the sunny interval was the entire time the jousting was on and it was hot.  So I still ended up sitting most of the time, trying to hide ZuZu behind someone’s camp chair.

I was happy that Doodle got to join in on the kids parade at the beginning even if he didn’t really seem to get what there was to be excited about.

There was jousting

and sword fights,

birds of prey

and even injuries.All fake of course.
(except the birds, I think the birds were real)

And all Doodle cared about was the train.

Oh yeah, did I mention?  We shaved Doodle’s head.  I did intend to buzz it, but not quite so short.  I have to say I almost cried.  But only a little.  He’s still completely adorable.


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