Can’t believe my baby girl’s 6 months already!!

Okay, so she’s not really, but I figure with how long it takes me to finish posts I should start this one now.

I mean really! It’s ridiculous.  I have a draft that’s been under construction for two weeks now and it has two paragraphs and a picture.  Ridiculous.

So what’s been happening that’s kept me so busy?  Honestly?  I can’t exactly remember.  No really.  I had a friend over for lunch on Monday (Monday, mind you) and she asked me how our weekend went.  I just stared at her and blinked.  Could. not. remember.  It’s not like we just pottered around the house.  We had guests!  Friends from back in Canada that we hadn’t seen in, like, 6 years.  And we took no pictures.  It’s like ZuZu came along and we completely forgot we had a camera.  She’s going to think she’s adopted.

So what has been happening?  Let me think.  After the hellfire caves we went back for more jousting (that’s the post under construction and there are actually pictures).  Then I got food poisoning on Tuesday and spent the rest of the week looking suspiciously in food’s direction and then doing something else instead.  Let me say this, when you don’t eat but you keep producing sustenance for a growing baby, you get a little shaky.  Poor Doodle had another week of indoor activities.  Fortunately he has rediscovered his train tracks so there was something for him to do, but it was rough going.

Then of course was the weekend of guests which was very fun.  (I promise! I don’t know why I didn’t remember!)  We took them into town and got caught in a torrential downpour.  We had YO!sushi and got them lost in a Saxon Hedge Maze and wished they could have stayed with us longer.  I never realized there was such a distinct Albertan accent, especially for men.  It was like having my family in the living room with me chatting away.  Very comforting.  Hard to put into words.

Then this past week was my birthday.  I am 35.  Yeah.  Still processing how I feel about that.  It’s honestly not as bad as I expected.  Life is pretty cool right now.  And of course having a mini holiday in the middle of the week for your birthday helps to soften the blow.  My wonderful husband took us to Cardiff.  We have wanted to go there since we moved here.  We stayed a short walk from the Doctor Who exhibit and the site of the Torchwood HQ (can I just say how unimpressed I am that they’re moving the series to LA?  Really. REALLY.  Unimpressed.).

But I don’t really want to tell you all about it because I really do want to give these things their own individual posts.  I also want to write out ZuZu’s birth story and some of the things that happened during my long silence.  Lot’s of good stuff happened.  My mom came over for 3 weeks at Christmas, we spent two weeks in South Africa, Doodle turned two, Jeff’s parents came over for a month.  And it’s not just because I think you’re all out there dying to know all about our various comings and goings.  It’s because I want to remember.  Or if not remember, be able to read about all the things I don’t remember.  When I was moving this blog over from blogspot, I went through my old posts to make sure everything was working right (I know there are glitches I’m just not entirely sure what to do about them yet), I read about all kinds of stuff that I don’t remember.  Like the fact that Doodle wasn’t sleeping through the night until after his first birthday.  How does one forget something like that?  I find myself wishing I’d written more about it because I don’t remember what we did, what worked, what didn’t.  What if it happens that way again?  It’ll be like starting all over.  All our experience will be lost.  That’ll suck!

So, yeah, I need to write all this stuff down just so I don’t forget, or so that I can remind myself.

Or at least believe myself even if I don’t exactly remember it.

And so that ZuZu won’t think she’s adopted.


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  1. I love you! I love your posts. I have missed them. You are too funny to not be writing. And yes, ZuZu will know that she’s yours. But seriously, get the camera out so we can all see her more!

  2. the title of your post scared me. it made me wonder where I’VE been!
    I like the thought of blogging so that you can remember, or at least read what you don’t remember, which is much more likely in my case. and it’s something the kiddos can some day read, which will give them a whole new perspective i’m sure on who their mum is. So all that to say, keep up the writing! and i hope you’re eating again!

  3. OK, so you have better info than I do. I had heard TORCHWOOD was going to have a separate series for over here set in LA, not that they were moving all of it. I was under the impression there would be TORCHWOOD we would get to see on BBC America, then a TORCHWOOD seen on Fox. Damn. I hope they keep it all over there. American TV will TOTALLY tame it down to the point it won’t be nearly as good. And I’m super jealous that you got to see Cardiff and the Dr Who exhibit. My hubby really wants a trip to England.

    • What I read on Blastr was that a new character, a CIA agent, was going to be introduced and there would be this ‘global’ threat story arc that would end up taking them over to the US. So it sounded like the series would start here then end up in the states, but it says that filming starts in Jan. in LA. I’m a bit gutted, but hopefully with the same folks at the reigns it won’t change it too much. (didn’t anyone learn the lessons of X-files?)

      When you make it to this side of the pond, be sure to book a couple days in Oxford!

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