I’m a guest blogger!

Check me out! I’m a guest blogger!

A while back I wrote a blog for Beth and she’s finally able to take that vacation so there I am on Musings of happy mommy, with my own musings. What fun!

I actually wrote the body of that post several weeks before she asked for submissions and had it just sitting in my written but not edited or posted box. So I edited it sent it to her. It’s actually one of my favourite pieces. I think because I came about it so differently. I wasn’t sitting down ‘to write a post’, I just had some thoughts in my head that I wanted to get out so I could possibly use them later. And of course it includes a picture of Doodle. Always worth a check.

I hope you enjoy my post and be sure to stick around and check out C. Beth when she returns. She’s one of the first bloggers that I started following way back when and she’s one of the first I check on when I’m going about my daily read.

As for me, I’m off to chase my ever-increasingly energetic 16-month old. He’s had a cold the past few days and is starting to feel better and I think is going a bit stir crazy from the lack of acitivity lately. Me too. Off to find a park.


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