Monthly Archives: July 2009

Help! I’m in the Great White North without wireless internet!

Just a quick shout out to say, I am still alive but relatively offline. There is internet here, but the room in which it is located is a) roughly the temperature of a meat locker and can only be survived for short periods of time, and b) very much not child-friendly and since I have a small child almost permanently attached to me, it is difficult to sit here for the time required to write an actual post. That, and, let’s be honest, I’m more interested in spending my time soaking up family and friends. Not that I don’t love you all, but I’ll be back soon. Does anyone want to write a guestpost for me some time this week? I’ll return the favor as soon as I’m back on English soil. Drop me an email if you’re interested. If not, this will just give you more time to read up on all the other blogs you follow. Oh, yes, I haven’t read a single blog since I’ve been here. I don’t know if it’s liberating or if I’m going through withdrawal. Somewhere in between I’m sure. But I miss you and will catch up(-ish) as soon as I get back my wireless.

PS. Oh, right! you don’t actually know where I went. Part of the reason I stopped blogging for a bit was because all I wanted to talk about was my best friend back in Canada and her upcoming wedding and how hard it was to not be there and how much I desperately wanted to buy a ticket, but if I did decide to go, I wanted it to be a surprise. So we went into stealth mode. Turns out we decided that money wasn’t a good enough reason to not be there for one of my oldest and dearest friends. So I bought the ticket Sunday night and left on Tuesday and surprised her at her house on Wednesday and made it to the wedding on Friday. Woot!!