Monday Meals

I’ve been interested for a while by blogs who have themed days (like Monday Micro and Skywatch Friday) so I’m going to start my own.  Monday, just because the first one is today, and Meals because that’s what was going on in my brain today.  Lucky they go together, right?

Monday Meals will be about my pre-occupation with what Doodle’s eating.  You see, lately we’ve been moving away from pre-made baby food and I have this idea that I should probably try to introduce him to a properly varied diet so that when he’s older he doesn’t become a picky eater (I know, there are no guarantees, but I have to try).  I’m hoping to enlist your help.  I’m looking for ideas for easy snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’m also looking for new ways to try and introduce milk to my little man who turns his nose up at it so far. Spread the word to any other mother’s out there, too.  I don’t have a give-away (yet) but I will definitely give your blog a plug and if another mother submits an idea and tells me they did so because of you, I’ll give you both a plug.  You can email any ideas/recipes to lillymercu (at) gmail (dot) com or leave them in the comments section.

So today, we had chicken, potatoes, and baby carrots.  I know, not terribly ground-breaking, but we have to start somewhere.  For the most part it went well, the only new item here was the baby carrots.  He ate the first one I gave him quite well and then I left him to the rest on his own.  For the most part, right now he’s eating quite well with his hands (until he’s more mischievous than hungry and then things start getting tossed around or spread on his shirt/face/hair/whatever).  We’re even starting to use a spork thingy.  I scoop food onto it and help him guide it into his mouth.  He’s very pleased with himself about this.

I give you the aftermath:

What is that you say?  There’s something on the floor?

Well, let’s take a closer look shall we?

Seems the carrots were not such a great hit.  He ate them if they were on his spork, but if he put them in his mouth with his hands, he would just let them slide out again.  That was at first, after a couple like that he proceeded to pick the rest out of his dish and drop them over the side.

Potatoes and chicken are always a big hit, but they will invariably find their way into his hair at some point.

And the spork got tossed overboard towards the end as well.

See, Mommy?  All done.

Oh, look!  It turns over.

Great, now he knows.  All in all, a good lunch.  What will be featured next week?

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