London! but first…pots and pans

We finally did it.  We’ve been living here in the UK for over a month and we finally made it into London.  Very exciting stuff.  But since I’m behind on posting about a few other things that were happening this week, you’ll just have to wait on that.  That, and I have to figure out how to pick only a few pictures to show out of the 216 that we took.  Ridiculous.  You may wonder how you can possibly take so many pictures in just a few hours in London when we only saw a small section.  Well, I’ll tell you.  200 of them are of Doodle.  And not like, Doodle in front of Big Ben (although we do have one of that) but mostly just Doodle.  Doin’ his Doodle thing.  Anyway, that’s coming soon.

Today we have for you:  pots and pans.  Yes, my son has finally discovered that wonderful place called the pot and pan cupboard.  To be fair, he’s discovered it a couple times before but it either bit his fingers and made him cry or everything shifted all at once and made a really loud noise that he wasn’t expecting and made him cry.  Well, third time’s the charm I guess.  He has conquered his fear of the cupboard doors that bite and the piles of shiny metal things that make noise (currently terrified of the vacuum cleaner but that’s another story) and discovered the joys of taking everything out of the cupboard and banging them around.

The Rocket Scientist finds this somewhat irritating as our Doodle can make quite the racket.  For me however, it is music to my ears.  It is currently a minimum of a half hour where I can sit in my chair, watch him, smile and nod every once in a while as he looks up in pride at some particularly loud noise he has just produced, and enjoy my tea or read a book or a blog or maybe even write a blog or download the kajillion pictures I’ve taken of him and his pots and pans, whatever. I. want.  Glorious.  I’ll worry later if he’s strong enough to actually dent anything or if he’s putting scratches in the teflon as he slides a pot lid around my favourite frying pan, it doesn’t matter, it’s all just stuff.  Stuff can be replaced.  Time to sit and relax can’t.

So without further ado, here are a few pictures I took before I realized I could be sitting down with my tea and my laptop:

Hehe, I have a pot

I wonder what else is in there…

…just gotta get a better look…

…maybe if I just crawl inside…

And then later on that day:

Next blog:  London!  Actually not really, I’ll likely do a little blog about dancing with Daddy first and a few other thoughts…and then, London!  I’m actually buying time to go through all my pictures, actually London may take a couple posts if I can’t decide which are the most adorable Doodle shots, you understand.

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