Baby’s first haircut

I must say, I had visions of what Doodle’s first haircut would be.  One of those cute little shops where they have airplanes and cars for the kids to sit in.  I imagined he would be fawned over and told how cute he was and what a big boy he was, there would be lots of squirming and maybe some screaming.  I’ve seen the posts of this happening to other people’s kids.  I was prepared, I would be there for moral support, snapping tons of pictures, trying not to laugh at his misery (cause he really is adorable when he’s upset) and then I would leave with a little boy in place of the baby that I took in.  Ya, well that didn’t happen.

I have searched high and low for such a place in the UK and they don’t seem to exist, not in Oxford anyway.  I’ve stopped Mum’s on the street asking them where they get their kids hair cut and very few actually get them done by a shop.  I even posted on a local mum’s website and no one had any help for me.  So I decided I was going to have to do it myself.

Now, I have cut hair before.  As a teenager I gave myself bangs.  A total rookie move on my part (wet hair pulled tight, snip…when it dries it’s significantly shorter…picture it).  Since then, I began to pay very close attention to what hairdressers were doing and began to understand, in theory at least, the principles of cutting hair.  I have since given trims to  myself and several friends and have been quite successful.  I didn’t think it would be that difficult to trim Doodle’s bangs, around his ears, and the back of his head.  That is, if he was unconscious and I had my proper hair scissors.  He is rarely unconscious though and my hair scissors are somewhere on the Atlantic.  I thought I could wait it out, but it just became too much and so we decided to brave it.

The Tools

Daddy’s comb which ended up serving mostly as a distraction.

The only scissors I had, yes, I know they’re not meant for hair, I’m hoping you’ll give me a little leeway when you see the finished product now that you know what I had to work with.


Very excited, but he doesn’t know why.

Look at all that hair in his eyes, something must be done.


That’s right, I’m stylin’.

You didn’t get to see the back before, but it wasn’t this straight.

My little man, all set to go.

The Remains

or at least what remembered to gather for the baby book


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