Ugh. Sick. Again

I often give the Rocket Scientist a hard time when he’s sick because he makes sure everyone knows he’s sick and he never takes anything unless I remind him.  I’m not a very good wife, not a lot of compassion when he’s sick, injured yes, sick no.  I may have to be a bit nicer next time round.  I’m sick.  Again.  I feel like I’ve been sick for months.  Oh wait.  I have.   Granted lately I’ve had a few days of not being sick, but since Dec. 8th, I’ve definitely been sick more than I’ve been well.  But I thought I was finally over with it!  No such luck.  I’m pretty sure it’s a sinus infection this time round and I’m miserable.  We have no drugs in the house to take and I’m a whiny, miserable, sick person.  Thank goodness the Rocket Scientist hasn’t gotten sick much at all these last couple months.  Last night he actually got up with Doodle three times!  The best part, Doodle only got up 3 times.  Well, best in that I didn’t have to get up with him, not so great in that my little man had been doing much better and only waking once if at all during the night.  I hope he’s not getting sick, too.  So today I really do have to go into town and register with the medical clinic.  I know, I know, I still haven’t and I’m still dumb.  But today, really I will.  Hopefully I’ll be able to see someone today, too and not have to go back in tomorrow.  Hopefully my legs won’t fall off when I get back on the bike again.  Hopefully other sore parts of my body won’t fall off either.

Wish me luck.

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