Snow, snow, and more snow!!

Well, it’s official. Snow follows us around like the plague. Everywhere we have gone in our many travels this winter ‘the worst winter in decades’ is sure to follow. Chicago’s winter started off pretty rough, then we went to Edmonton and they were in a deep freeze, then we drove through central Alberta in the worst storm system in years, Calgary was next with just as dire a weather report, back to Edmonton and more snow, back to Chicago and 3 blizzards in a row. We get to Oxford and it was simply ‘unseasonably cold’ which sounded glorious to us because it was the mildest weather we’d seen in months. Now, however, we are in the middle of the worst set of storms in….well you get the idea. London got hit first (well I guess, we flew in there) and they got almost a foot of snow. I know, not much by North American standards, but it shut the city down. Including the underground trains. Now the storm system has settled over Oxford and while it originally was forecast to get the least amount of snow is now getting hit the hardest. The country (that’s right, I said country) has run out of salt for the roads. Ugh. And I was so ready for spring. Which, btw, we were assured was just around the corner when we got here. Oh well. That and I found out our stuff only left the states last week and is on a significantly slower boat than was planned and won’t get here until March 10, then it’s another 10 days to clear customs and actually get delivered to our door. Great, now I have to go out and buy another high chair, there’s no way I can wait another month and a half.

Here’s the first snow fall, not bad, kind of nice and fluffy and quaint:

Then that completely melted by the next day and another storm moves in to take it’s place:

And before that one got a chance to melt completely, we got dumped on again today.  It is still snowing.  Have I mentioned that between the snow and being sick I haven’t made it out of the house since Sunday.  Blech.

All that being said, I couldn’t leave you with only pictures of misery and dreariness.  So here’s one of my little man.  He had a bit of a rough night last night and was so tired this morning.  I tried to keep him awake until his naptime, but here he is, an hour before, literally falling asleep standing up.


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