A new look

I finally got around to putting a new look on my blog.  I spent entirely too much time pouring over designs and other stuff on thecutestblogontheblock. When I likely should have been working on updating my pictures on my website.  Oh well, I’ll get there.  For now, I’m very pleased that I have a nice new page to look at (I also updated the look of my website, I’m on fire!).

Doodle’s sleep is all messed up today because he decided to get up at 5:30 this morning.  We are not amused.  But it means that while he should have just started his afternoon nap, He’s been down for a while now and I can hear him working on waking up.  Poop.  I can’t wait to get the Rocket Scientist a bike this weekend so it will take him 10 minutes to get home at night instead of 40.  He thinks that means he can stay later at work, little does he know.   So a quick blog for the day.

Some odd things we’ve noticed…

“What’s for tea?”  Actually translates as, “What’s for supper?”  Huh, who knew.  I’m glad I found that out before I invited someone ’round for tea.  If you want to offer them an actual beverage of tea, you offer them a cuppa.  It made for some very confusing commercials on tv until I figured it out.

In this house, at any rate, you have to turn on your power outlets.

Apparently, it is fully recognized in this country that vehicles are much bigger, faster, and can do more damage than people, so they have the right of way.  And in some of the more touristy areas, they actually write on the street that you’re about to step into which direction to look for traffic.

To ensure that you don’t run out of hot water for your shower, it is equipped with an electric shower.  That is to say, it takes the cold water and heats it as it’s coming out of the shower head.  The Rocket Scientist was very excited about the prospect of long showers until he found out that the bathroom is much too cold for him to be naked and wet in there for any significant length of time.  (Sorry for the TMI)

That’s all for now.  I want to get back to my pictures.  I’ve been reading other people’s blogs and realizing that I have been far too selfish in not sharing pictures of my wonderful little man.  So here’s a quick teaser, more to come later:


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