I really am very thankful….but oh so tired…

Today is our first Thanksgiving with Doodle.  Well, the second really.  How is that possible, you say?  He’s only 8 months old.  Well, we have two Thanksgivings in this family.  We celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving as the Rocket Scientist and I are Canadian, and as we are in Rome, we must do as they do.  That, and Doodle technically is American (we don’t have his Canadian citizenship yet).  So today, I am a very sleepy, thankful Mommy.  I couldn’t imagine giving up any of the sleepless nights of the last few months, getting done any or all of the projects I’ve fallen behind in, being actually on time for so many of the things I’ve been late for, or missing out on a single precious moment with my son.  Thank You, dear God, for the most wonderful gift ever.


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