My life costs how much?

We had 3 surveyors come through the house today to guesstimate how much stuff we had to move so they could tell us how much it will cost.  I have to say I’m looking forward to the next move because it will be a faculty position and our moving expenses will be paid so I won’t have to sort through my life and decide what I can afford to keep.  This has had my stomach in knots for days.  I’m waiting for the ‘official’ estimates, but everyone seems to think we have about 2500 lbs of stuff.  And that’s mostly boxes, almost no furniture is going with us, how sad is that.  The approximation tends to run about $10/cft. and the consensus seems to be that we would have about 400 cft of stuff.  So that’s about $4,000 just to move stuff, besides the port fees and taxes, and handling fees, and service fees, and packing fees, and losing our stuff fees, and insurance fees, and taking longer than promised fees, and unloading fees, and whatever else they charge for events like this.  I’ll wait to see what they come back with.  (Read: I am taking any excuse to not start the sorting process just yet.)


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