Elven Blood and Oreo Cookies

Just when I thought my addiction to the internet was waning and I might actually get something done from my never-ending/always-expanding project list, I get my umpteenth request to join something on Facebook called Elven Blood.

Now please understand, when I first joined Facebook, I was like so many others (Ann), wide-eyed and completely agog at all the completely useless yet must-have applications that I saw filling the pages of all my friends.  I had the graveyard and the aquarium and the garden and the superwall and the fluff friend (the one thing I actually kept, I mean who can get rid of a pengiun)…need I go on.  But then a few months ago, when I realized that Doodle was like nicotine patch for the internet (just like smoking with the patch on can do very bad things to you…same idea combining the internet with an awake Doodle).

So I purged (now that I think of it an urge I’ve had with so many things in life since he was born, hmmm, musings for another time), I purged and I put an ignore on the vast majority of requests that I was being beset with.  I didn’t want to give up Facebook altogether, I do find it an extremely convenient way of keeping in touch with people and a fun distraction for the five minutes I am allowed every day to see what’s going on in the virtual lives of so many people.  People I see all the time and people I haven’t spoken to except by way of “Accept Friend” in over 3 years.

And then it pulled me back in.  I blame Brayden (I love you, Brady).  *by the way, as I was typing this, Doodle woke up.  It’s like he knows*  Okay, so Brayden whom I don’t get to talk to nearly enough, sends me an invitation to Elven Blood.  I think, great, this might be a way to keep in touch more often, we can play this game together.  And then I get there and I’m totally addicted.  I just keep hitting the ‘Do Quest’ button like something exciting is actually happening.  I totally forgot to even check to see if I had enough life or stamina to do a quest and had to run away in disgrace.  I was devastated. And then I discover that there are three more games just like this one.  Aack!  I’m soooo hooped.  Especially if I manage to pull others into this insidious game, because right now my party’s too small to go to the next level of quests, so if you’re on Facebook and I send you an invitation to Elven Blood, please, please, please accept and join my party, I neeeeed you.

Okay, on to Oreo Cookies.  I just have to complain.  The Rocket Scientist takes cookies in his lunch, so I have to have them in the house.  I try not to take any, but come on, they’re in the house.  So I think, well, I’ll get some reduced fat Oreo’s so I don’t have to feel so guilty.  Big flaw in the Reduced Fat Oreos, I need to find out who to write a letter to.  They don’t separate properly.  Usually, you twist an oreo and the creme stays on one cookie or the other.  Not so with these ‘RF’ Oreo’s, oh no.  I would say my research is fairly conclusive, after all I tried it on over a dozen of the darn things.  Not a one separated properly.  So how much fat did I not ingest do you suppose trying to find one that was made right.  It’s all a conspiracey if you ask me.  I challenge you all to find a Reduced Fat Oreo cookie that separate’s properly.  I warn you, it’s not for the weak of stomach.

PS. Just in case any of you are thinking of putting together a food intervention for me right now, I would have you know I’m exaggerating to make my story more humorous.  I only had like 3 and then gave up in disgust.  But I’m still buying the regular Oreo’s next time.

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